If you have a project goal without numbers, you don’t really have a goal.

Control Limits vs. Specification Limits

Another area many people beginning their Lean Six Sigma journey struggle with is the difference between control limits and specification limits.  Here is an easy way to help remember: * Control limits are found on a control chart and represent the voice of process * Specifications are from customer specifications […]


So many going through Lean Six Sigma training struggle with finding project measures that are actually measurable. The voice of the customer doesn’t always speak in numbers.  For example, if the customer says “we want a soft pillow,” operational definitions need to be developed to first determine what “soft” means […]


FMEAs can be intimidating.  Search online and you will find hundreds of templates, and large companies can be very strict on details for their internal templates.  Risk Priority Numbers and mitigation and peripheral effects and more. Keep in mind the 4 things that matter for FMEAs and the rest is […]